Jordan’s Top 5 Tourist Attractions

Jordan's Top 5 Tourist Attractions

Jordan is ripe for exploration. Some of the oldest still-standing ruins in the world, a beautiful culture that in many ways has preserved its anciency, and natural landscapes that will redefine your understanding of what’s breathtaking. But with so much to see and celebrate in a country like Jordan, what attractions could be ranked among the best? Here are 5 of some of the must-see attractions you should visit while in Jordan.

#5. Desert Castles

Leftovers from a very different era, the Desert Castles of Jordan make up some of its most interesting sites. Some date as far back as the 8th century, such as the Qasr Kharana, which is one of the only Desert Castles in Jordan that didn’t see any use in military actions. It’s also, arguably, the country’s most well-known Desert Castle, with its vast surroundings of plain sands and gravel, and its looming walls and arches. It’s gorgeous, but it’s the only one among many. Other sites, like Qasr Amra, have their deep histories just waiting to be explored by the curious tourist.

Jordan's Top 5 Tourist Attractions
Qasr Kharana - Desert Castles, Jordan

#4. Jerash

The largest Roman site in all of Jordan, as well as one of its oldest, is near-endlessly interesting and explorable. Jerash is an ‘ancient city’ by all definitions if a ruined one. It was founded between 7500 – 5500 BC, and for many years remained lost beneath the ever-shifting sands. Photogenic ruins are all that remains of this once-prosperous city and are still a major draw among many tourists visiting Jordan, be it for the first or twentieth time. Having survived the Neolithic age, there’s plenty of history to sink your teeth into.

Jordan's Top 5 Tourist Attractions
Jerash, Jordan

#3. Dead Sea

Jordan isn’t typically thought of as a place to sit by the sea in the summertime, but given the beauty of its beaches, it should definitely be put on the itinerary. The Dead Sea has a name that puts some people off, but when you see its glimmering waters during a setting sun and enjoy a cocktail on its gentle, warm sands, you may find your opinions somewhat altered. There are plenty of beaches alongside the Dead Sea to relax by, with Amman Beach and O Beach being among the more popular destinations. If you need a break from exploring while in Jordan, there’s no better place to relax.

Jordan's Top 5 Tourist Attractions
Dead Sea, Jordan

#2. Wadi Rum

Also sometimes called the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is best described as a protected desert wilderness, cut into Jordan’s vast rocks of sandstone and granite. But some might ask – what’s so special about a desert valley? Wadi Rum is renowned all across the world for its rock carvings, also called petroglyphs. 25,000 of them, to be exact, alongside 20,000 inscriptions and different 154 archaeological sites. All important, tracing humanity’s long history, as well as the development of its morals, thoughts and even alphabet. It’s a vital attraction for tourists with a penchant for history.

Jordan's Top 5 Tourist Attractions
Wadi Rum, Jordan

#1. Petra

Perhaps Jordan’s most famous attraction and one of its most beautiful and awe-inspiring to boot are the ancient ruins of Petra. Dating all the way back to around 300 BC, Petra was once the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom. Today it stands as a ruin, but a gorgeous and picturesque one no doubt. Chances are that you’ve heard of The Treasury (Al Khazneh) carved into a massive rock face that’s still almost perfectly preserved to this day and drawing many tourists back to see it annually. There are plenty of surrounding structures in this once-great city, buried once beneath sands for centuries like many others, but The Treasury is something you won’t ever forget during your visit to the must-see ruins of Petra.

Jordan's Top 5 Tourist Attractions
Petra, Jordan

Jordan is worth exploring beyond just these 5 famous attractions of course, but if you’re pressed for time or limited to just a few locations, these most certainly won’t disappoint. So make your trip to Jordan a memorable one, and don’t skip out on the country’s most alluring attractions!


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