22 Sep 2022: Spectacular views of the Sea of Galilee from Umm Qais. Check out our Best of Northern Jordan: Jerash, Ajloun and Umm Qais tour.

19 Sep 2022: Karak Castle – many interesting things to learn and discover. Is this an ancient dumbbell? 🙂 Did they have a gym?

18 Sep 2022: Karak Castle – light hitting the wall in the Keep… Finally took a photo of this famous “mysterious” lighting effect in the castle.

16 Sep 2022: The Royal Tank Museum – a really nice collection of tanks from different eras and countries, very informative and fun for the whole family.

8 Sep 2022: Have you tried a mountain passage from Feynan to Petra? Wow, it’s breath takes! Stop at the Bedoin Shop and Caffe for spectacular views of the valley.

7 Sep 2022: Parked my car at Wadi Al Ghwer Camp in Feynan to explore a nearby Neolithic settlement and was asked for 5 JOD to pay for parking once back… Such dishonest owners.

6 Sep 2022: Visit Royal Automobile Museum in Amman. Look for gate 3 to enter the complex. The museum is not bad with a good collection of motorcycles.

5 Sep 2022: This is what is left of the mosaic floor at the Temple of Artemis in Jerash. Did you know that you actually enter the Temple from the side door? Ask a local seller there to show you.

4 Sep 2022: Temperatures in Jordan are finally dropping and becoming more reasonable. Book your tours now. Let’s go!

3 Sep 2022: Some of Jordan’s most famous attractions opening hours, for your convenience. Consider arriving early, when possible, to avoid a large number of visitors.

2 Sep 2022: Visiting Jordan and want to save – consider purchasing Jordan Pass. Book with us and we reimburse you in cash for all entrance fees covered by your Jordan Pass.

1 Sep 2022: COVID situation in Jordan – 3,372 new cases for last week, according to the weekly COVID-19 statistical report issued by the Ministry of Health.

31 Aug 2022: Umm Ar-Rasas (Kastron Mefaa) is one of 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Jordan worth visiting if not for its Roman fort but Byzantine mosaics and Stylite tower nearby.

30 Aug 2022: A very interesting marine aquarium in otherwise boring Aqaba 🙂 I actually really enjoyed it, lots of unique fish I haven’t seen anywhere.

29 Aug 2022: Do you think Mujib Chalets are a good alternative to more expensive Dead Sea hotels considering they don’t have a swimming pool and rooms seem in a poor state?

27 Aug 2022: A heat wave hit Jordan with temperatures in Amman close to 40 C. Be safe, hydrate and try to minimize your outdoor activities between 1 and 4 PM.

25 Aug 2022: Check out this ornament, a part of the Apostles Church’s mosaic floor. The ticket is 3 JOD, covering 4 sites (free entrance for Jordan Pass holders).

24 Aug 2022: A Nabatean stone in the Karak Crusader Castles. What is it doing here, how did it end up being part of the wall there?!

23 Aug 2023: Amazing Rock Art, mosaics, statues and other artefacts found at the Qasr Al-Hallabat Museum. Book your Desert Castles tour today!

22 Aug 2022: Best place to have lunch during your tour of Desert Castles – Azraq Palace Restaurant. Currently 10 JOD per person (open buffet). Vegetarian dishes are also available.

21 Aug 2022: It is no longer allowed to visit Al Beidha, the neolithic village next to Little Petra, by car, you would need to walk about 1km from the parking at Little Petra to reach it and then back.

20 Aug 2022: Just visited Dar Al-Saraya Museum in Irbid, it’s actually a nice small museum but unfortunately a nightmare to reach it. Spent 2 hours going through the traffic in Irbid:(

19 Aug 2022: Is it worth visiting Rehab in Al-Mafraq, the church (actually 3) included in your Jordan Pass? Short answer – No, there is nothing interesting or different about that place. Madaba, Umm Ar-Rassas and Jerash are better choices.

18 Aug 2022: Added a new 3D image of the Deir El-Kattar El-Byzanti site at the Dead Sea. Check it out here.

17 Aug 2022: Best Korean Restaurant in Jordan – Maroo Korean Restaurant run by a Korean family living in Amman. You need to call 0777832003 to make a reservation first. Open for lunch and dinner.

16 Aug 2022: How much time do you need to see Jerash? 2 hours is enough for a normal pace. By the way, you are not forced to go all the way back to where you’ve started. There is a side exit here: 32.280819, 35.893803 (google maps) and you can take a taxi to go back, for example, or have lunch at one of many restaurants nearby.

15 Aug 2022: Can’t find information about certain archaeological sites in Jordan? Check out Mega Jordan – the national heritage documentation and management system.

14 Aug 2022: Was Tall el-Hammam destroyed cataclysmically by a comet impact? You can clearly see a burn layer on the photos. And was it the famous biblical town of Sodom? Check out the 360° image.

13 Aug 2022: Going from Aqaba back to Amman, take the Jordan Valley Highway as a part of Desert Highway is closed and the detour will cost you an extra hour.

12 Aug 2022: Best time to visit Petra? I would say during a pandemic when you can take beautiful photos without people in the background and entrance is free of charge :), as it was in 2021. But on a serious note, I’m waiting for winter to catch a moment when it snows in Petra.

11 Aug 2022: Enigmatic site of JAWA. During my recent trip to JAWA, I discovered rock art, dating back to some 3,000 BC. For more photos and info, check out our JAWA Guide.

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